Red bridge Waalhaven

bridge construction

A colourful job

This 45-metre pedestrian bridge in Rotterdam’s Waalhaven harbour is not only striking because of its unusual colour. The striking windows we cut into the railings give this design bridge a lively character. Another striking detail is the lighting integrated into the railing.

After cutting and welding, we took the steel construction in two parts to the preservation company and then welded it. We also took care of the transport to Rotterdam. It was quite a job: this large transport only just fitted in with the rules and regulations.

The fact that a railway line runs under the bridge created additional conditions. For example, special permits and safety papers were required for the assembly, and work had to be done at night because the train traffic had to be stopped.

Project details

Red bridge Waalhaven
Our effort
  • production of steel structures
  • cutting and welding steel sheets
  • Transport to preservation plant and construction site
  • assembly at night