Dafne Schippers Bridge

bridge construction

Performance of format

The Dafne Schippers Bridge is part of a cycle link between Leidsche Rijn and the centre of Utrecht. Just like the namesake of this bridge, we too were challenged to perform to the maximum. Because the bridge runs over the roof of a school building, for example, the connection of the stainless steel railings designed by the architect was quite a puzzle in the construction. 

Another challenge was the integral coordination of the pylons with the concrete bridge deck and the suspension cables. We devised an auxiliary construction
for the hinge connection under the A-pylon weighing approximately 80 tonnes.

Logistically too, the bar was set high. Both pylons had to be erected in one day in order to block the shipping traffic for as short a time as possible.

Project details

Amsterdam-Rhine Canal Utrecht
Dafne Schippers Bridge
Our effort
  • production of A-shaped (approx. 80 tonnes) and H-shaped pylon (approx. 62 tonnes)
  • engineering in the construction team
  • assembly on site