Everything you need for any metalworking operation

Demanding projects call for the right machines and the right people. Our machinery and our professionals guarantee perfect steel constructions. The certified [link to certificates] processes complete the story. So you can be sure that your steel construction is not only produced according to the right specifications, but also with an eye for quality, safety and the environment.

Engineering steel structures

Engineering is one of the additional services we can offer. The specialists of our in-house design and engineering department work closely with the client. With modern drawing and design software and, above all, a listening ear, they work out every project down to the last detail.

Complete metalworking: from cutting to stud welding

Sawing, setting, cutting, turning, edging, drilling, milling … the number of possibilities for metal processing in our production hall is almost infinite. Because we continue to invest in our machinery, we are able to make more and more things possible for our clients. For example, we have highly advanced milling machines and special equipment for stud welding.

Machines & Capabilities


  • Welding equipment (MIG/MAG – TIG – electric)
  • stud welding machines 
    pin dowels up to round 25 mm
    socket inserts up to M16
    threaded bolts up to M24
  • Welding roller rack with OP welding machine (under powder cover) 
  • Band-Saw (up to round 320 mm)
  • band saw (up to 620 x 1250 mm)
  • fire-cutter, bed dimension 12,000 x 3,500 mm
    consisting of : 
    • plasma up to 50 mm thick
    • oxyfuel up to 300 mm thick
  • punching/cutting machine (up to 115 tonnes) 
  • plate shears (3,000 x 12 mm)
  • roller (2,500 x 12 mm)
  • press brake (4,000 mm x 500 tonnes)
  • radial drilling machine (up to round 150 mm)
  • milling machine, working stroke L3 . 500 x W1 . 200 x H 2,000 mm
  • milling machine, working stroke L8 . 000 x W1 . 500 x H 2,750 mm
  • lathe, 3,000 mm spindles, centres up to 600 mm round12


Construction hall

  • 1 overhead crane (2 x 8 tonnes)
  • 2 overhead cranes (16 tonnes)
  • 2 overhead cranes (25 tonnes)

Pre-processing hall

  • 2 overhead cranes (10 tonnes)
  • 2 overhead cranes (20 tonnes)
  • forklift trucks 4 – 5,5 – 16 and 20 tonnes


  • tractor unit/semi-trailer up to 36 metres in length and load capacity of 72 tonnes
  • curtainsider trailer, flatbed trailer and semi-sider trailer

In addition, numerous transport options are possible – we work with reliable transport partners by road and water every day.



  • basic welding methods MIG/MAG/TIG/Electrode
    qualified according to EN3834
  • stud welding/bolt welding
  • stud welding on site
  • submerged arc welding 
  • Welding round seams in pipes under powder cover
  • semi-automatic MIG/MAG welding by means of powered tractor-welding units

Machining operations

  • cut rings
  • pipe cutting
  • steel sawing
  • milling
  • chamfer
  • Drilling
  • rollers

Production, transport and on-site assembly: all in one hand

When the steel constructions leave our hall, our work does not end there. With our own means of transport and in cooperation with specialised transporters, we also ensure that your steel constructions – possibly with a stop at a coating company – are delivered at the right place. By road and by water. On site, our team is ready to assemble the construction safely and professionally.