Wide range of steel constructions

from platforms to bridges

Since 1993, we and our enthusiastic team have been producing a wide range of high-quality steel structures from a central location in Gelderland. In our spacious production halls, we make mooring jetties, pontoons, bridges, bridge sections, hydraulic constructions, parts for shipbuilding, constructions for machine building, landings, guides, penetrations, etc,
stairs, you name it. From small to ever larger: when it comes to dimensions and weights, we stand in our power!

For ground, road and hydraulic engineering, shipbuilding, offshore and industry

Our approach is appealing to an increasing number of clients: contractors, architects and others in, in particular, civil engineering, shipbuilding, offshore and industry. They value our complete service package, our delivery reliability, the quality, our creativity, our no-nonsense mentality and the fact that we always think along with our clients.

More than just big

The same advantages are enjoyed by clients who call us in for smaller constructions, such as platforms and staircases. Everyone can count on maximum effort and the best result.