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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our way of working. As a company we are responsible for society and the environment and are therefore always searching for the right balance between people, planet and profit. People who are a part of our business, but also people outside our business. The environment, which we influence with our products and services. And lastly our economic performance.

To allow our skilled workers to fully come into their own, we focus on creating a positive work climate. We take our employees’ interests into account and provide a safe workspace. This enables our people to develop themselves to a higher level. They feel connected to the company as they actively contribute ideas and get involved with your project. This connection increases the value of our services and ensures we stay a reliable partner.

CCSR means using sustainable solutions and materials as much as possible. The emphasis, however, is always on delivering quality. Our work processes are designed to keep energy consumption and environmental impact to a minimum.

Van der Zalm Metaalindustrie B.V.’s business focuses on continuity, growth and responsible profit. We create jobs and offer our employees opportunities to develop themselves. We stay focused on profit in order to ensure the future of our business. We do this by integrating technological advancements and new developments in our work processes.

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